Bronze Dedication Plaques

Types of Bronze Dedication Plaques

We offer bronze dedication plaques.  K Bronze has a proven track record.  If you need a bronze plaque delivered on time, contact us today!  Order bronze plaques for dedications, memorials and commemorative events.

Cast Bronze Plaques

Cast Bronze Plaques
Traditional Bronze Plaques

Engraved Bronze Plaques

Engraved Plaques
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Bas Relief Plaques

Bas Relief Plaques
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Need a bronze plaque quickly?

Design Your Plaque

Use your Photos and Logos to create custom bronze plaques.

Last Minute Dedication Plaques

Great looking bronze dedication plaques for your next  event ceremony.  What type of plaque will people be standing around at your event?  We can help, share your ideas and we will send your some design samples.

bronze dedication plaques

Our company offers building dedication plaques delivered on time for last minute dedication events. For over 10 years, we have earned the trust and repeat business of companies and organizations.  We offer customers superior dedication plaques and customer service. 

Include photos and logos on the bronze dedication plaques for your next project.  Our graphic designers will create design concepts to show you what you can expect your plaque to look like.  This is a free service we offer and over the years it has helped so many customers.

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If you are looking for the best bronze plaques on the market you have come to the right spot. From building dedication plaques to civic memorials. The K Bronze Plaque Company has the bronze plaques and bronze metal lettering available for any project. We make buying a bronze dedication plaque, easy!

To get started, click the image on the right of the plaque.  There are a number of great examples to help inspire you on what can be created.  We offer competitive rates and are always excited to try something new or work with a customer on a unique bronze dedication plaque.

Bronze Plaques

We offer solutions for both exterior and interior plaques. Consider using cast bronze plaques when your needs require a plaque to be exposed to the outside elements. Keep in mind that the aluminum plaques we offer can be created to look like bronze. Here are a few bronze and aluminum plaque models to give you an idea of what our company can do for you. If you have an idea for a plaque concept that you do not see on our site, share your thoughts with us.

After you have contacted us and requested a price quote we will begin by creating a design/concept art proof. Our art department creates renderings that closely resemble what can be expected in the final product.

Give us your plaque ideas and “We Take Care of the Rest”. This exact replication can result in the finest bronze dedication plaque if the photograph that we receive is of high quality.