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Memorial Plaques for Pilots

Honor the memory of aviation enthusiast in your community with bronze plaques. We create custom memorial plaques of pilots, the military and local legends. Preserve history for future generations.

Pilot Memorial Plaques

Use your own photos:

We used photos of the actual planes this pilot flew. In our first draft, we presented a design with the United States flag as the background image. Our designer also presented a cloudscape background. The client preferred the cloud background image you see above. After a few design revisions, the client was pleased and ready to move forward with the production.

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Popular Aviation Plaque Designs

Custom pilot memorial plaques ranging in price from $200 and up. Contact us today for bronze and aluminum plaque ques. We do not charge extra for including images and logos.

A bronze plaque of a WWII Pilot

Plaques for City Fire Departments
A 50 years of service bronze aviation recognition plaque with removeable mames

ON THIS SPOT Historic bronze plaque

K Bronze Plaques

Roger L. Putnam Jr.
1922 to 2019

In memory of Roger L. Putnam Jr.

Aviator, WWII Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient, Cowboy, CEO, Mentor, Father, Husband, Friend.

Countless pilots were mentored by Roger over the decades from Provincetown airport.

He was the nephew of Amelia Earhart, flew A-20s and A-26s in the Pacific and most recently, N4725G, a 180hp Cessna 172 he used to teach and introduce new generations to flight.

“Make small corrections in flight and life and never worry about what’s behind you”.

And remember, “It’s right traffic for runway 25! “ Roger’s watching, with love and sharp wit.

A fire station dedicated in honor of the fire chief

Recent Projects

Our bronze plaques are designed for exterior applications. Consider displaying your memorial dedication plaque on the side of the building. The aluminum plaques include a clear coat finish for exterior used if your budget does not allow for bronze.

Preserve history by using bronze plaques.

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