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Memorial Dedication Plaques

Honor the memory of extraordinary individuals by creating bronze memorial plaques. Bronze memorials can be displayed in parks, buildings and gardens.

A bronze memorial dedication plaque used to honor donors.

Create custom bronze plaques using your photos.

For this dedication plaque, we used a color photo. The photos is engraved into the bronze plaque and a color treatment is applied during the finishing processed. We create custom aluminum and bronze plaques for commemorating government buildings and facilities.

Below are a few headers to consider for your memorial dedication plaque:

  • "In Memory Of"
  • "Dedicated In Memory Of"
  • "In Remembrance Of"
  • "In Honor and Appreciation"
  • "Thank You"

  • Typical wording for a memorial dedication plaque would be one of the above headers. The name of the person you want to acknowledge. Also, consider using important dates and ending with a nice statement.

Memorial Plaque Designs

Memorial dedications plaques ranging in price from $200 and up. Contact us today for bronze and aluminum plaque quotes. We do not charge extra for including images and logos.

An aluminum plaque created for a Museum dedication that includes a historic photo.
ON THIS SPOT Historic bronze plaque
Courtroom Dedication Plaque
A 50 years of service bronze aviation recognition plaque with removeable mames

Courtroom Dedication Plaque
Responsive image
Courtroom Dedication Plaque
Municipal Building Dedication Plaque

K Bronze Plaques

Recent Government Projects

We had the opportunity to produce two bronze dedication plaques that were used in a plant dedication ceremony that the President of the United States attended. This was a last minute dedication ceremony and the client needed the plaques in less that 7 days. We delivered the two plaques on time a day ahead of schedule.

President Trump Tour of Pratt Industries Plant Opening

Just a quick note to say thanks again to you and your team for all your hard work on getting the plaques produced and delivered on time for the event yesterday – they looked fantastic!
Please see video and articles mentioning the plaque.

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A large cast bronze plaque for a courtroom.

Courtroom Bronze Plaques

Cast bronze bas relief plaques allow you to have much more relief than engraved bronze plaques. An artist creates a clay mold that is then cast into solid bronze. These plaques can be as thick as 1.5" depending on the requirement. The production time is six weeks.

It was a great honor to work with the United States District Court for the Southern District of Alabama. We created seven of these 34" diameter cast bronze bas relief plaques for a new courtroom.

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