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Stadium Dedication Plaques

Create bronze stadium dedication plaques to showcase donor contributions and alumni recognition. Plaques can be displayed at the athletic stadium entrance. Our plaques are can include school logos and photos. We do not charge extra for special shapes.

City Fire Department Dedication Plaque

Use your own photos and logos to customize your plaque

You can customize the border design, background color and texture, font and ornament design.

All photos will be produced with a relief tecnic where you can feel the details with your fingers.

Historic Firehouse photos on a preservation plaque

Popular Stadium Dedication Plaques

Custom plaques ranging in price from $200 and up. Contact us today for bronze and aluminum plaque quotes. We do not charge extra for including images and logos.

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Traditional Dedication Plaques
University Dedication Plaques
Baseball Field Dedication Plaques

Memorial Dedication Plaques
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Bronze Stadium Dedication Plaques

Create custom bronze plaques for dedication events and sponsor recognition. For this Stadium dedication plaques, we include a photo of the honoree as well as the photo of the building and school logo. The plaque was attached to the stadium entrance. This is a great recognition solution. We look forward to hearing about your ideas.

Photo of a bronze plaque used for a stadium dedication event.

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