Fire Station Dedication Plaques

Order fire station dedication plaques.  Custom bronze and aluminum plaques using your logo or department seal.  Maltese Cross shaped plaques available for new station dedications, tributes and memorials.  We created a Maltese cross shaped bronze plaque for a fire station dedication plaque.

We work with Fire Departments to create plaques for dedication ceremonies.  The theme for many projects is to dedicate the station the memory of fallen firefighters or in honor of a Chief.  The idea is to recognize the outstanding service of the Fire Department.  Include the Maltese cross or your department logo.  Include the names of he Commissioner, Chief, Captain and Board members. 

Cast and engraved bronze plaques delivered three weeks.  Rush service available if needed.

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Fire Station Dedication Plaques
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Project Planning Ideas

Wording for a Fire Station Dedication Plaque

Name of Fire Station

Dedication Date

This Firehouse is dedicated to the citizens of (your town), neighboring communities and _________ county.

May this station comfortably house this who we ask to come to our aid, regardless of time, weather, or challenge, with the best of hearts, shill and knowledge, to help those in need.

Godspeed to the emergency units, to carry safely, our bravest.

Thank you to the firefighters and board members that served before us, formed and developed the district and responded to the many calls over the years.

Thank you also to our partners, The County of ____________, our County Board of Supervisors, our __________Leadership, and ______________ Country Fire.

District Board of Directors

(List Here)

Finance Director



Established _______.