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[imageeffect type="shadowreflection" align="aligncenter" width="1170" alt="Bronze Bas Relief Plaques" link="" url="" ] Bronze Bas Relief Plaques for Building Dedications Learn how bronze bas relief plaques are created for building dedications.  Below is an example of a five foot by 6 foot bronze bas relief plaque we delivered to the the United States Coast Guard.  The project required us to recreate a military logo into a large bas ... Read More
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Newsroom Dedication Plaque

CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8 Larry Himmel Memorial Newsroom I thought you’d like to see the unveiling of the Larry Himmel plaque you produced for us. Everyone loves it – thank you for such a stellar job. Brian Hall Design Director | CBS 8
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Field House Plaques

Field House Dedication Plaques We had a prospective client contact us regarding a Bronze plaque project. He was concerned that they were located in Texas and we were in Illinois. We provided him with three references and after speaking with them, he was ready to move forward with the design/ concept. He sent us a few links ... Read More
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Recreation Center Dedication Plaques

  Malone Recreation Center Dedication Plaques The K Bronze Plaques and Metal Letters Company was pleased to be part of the Camp Anchor recreation center project.  K Bronze supplied several bronze plaques and exterior metal letters to the contractor.  Please enjoy the recreation center dedication plaques video above to see some of our recent work. ... Read More
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Cast Bronze Metal Letters

  Cast Bronze Metal Letters with Color Our construction client’s project required exterior building identification lettering with color. Most importantly, the exterior lettering solution had hold up to the elements. At K bronze, we have a complete collection of cast bronze metal letters and suggested our bronze color fill letter set. This cast bronze letter has a small ... Read More
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Engraved Bronze Plaques

Photograph Quality Engraved Bronze Plaques We pride ourselves in producing engraved bronze plaques that replicate any photograph. High quality photos allow us to deliver the finest quality bronze plaques.  If you are not familiar with scanning photos, contact us and we will help.  If you understand basic graphic requirements we are looking for 300 dpi.  Scan ... Read More
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Rosa Parks Transit Center

  K Bronze Plaques & Metal Letters worked with the City of Detroit to create bronze dedication plaques for the new Rosa Parks Transit Center.  It was an honor to work on such a grand event and see our bronze plaques in the new Transit Center.  The dedication event involved many politicians and city officials.  The ... Read More
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Air Force Academy Plaques

  Several new buildings were dedicated at the Air Force Academy and K Bronze was awarded the contracts to create room and hall dedication plaques.
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Stadium Dedication Plaques

K Bronze was a sponsor at the SMA Stadium Managers Association convention. It was a real honor to be part of the event, we created several bronze recognition plaques for a few of the life time achievement awards for the association.  This was a great event and allowed K Bronze to develop relationships with stadium ... Read More
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Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame Plaques

Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame Plaques Consider building a chamber of commerce Business Hall of Fame Wall using bronze or aluminum portrait plaques.  We can also create a metal cut logo of Chamber’s seal or logo.  K Bronze also sells bronze metal letter and also offers aluminum metal letters.  Contact us today for a ... Read More