Traditional Bronze Plaques

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Choose from a variety of textures and decorative borders to make your plaque.

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Traditional bronze plaques available in any shape and size. Choose from a variety of popular options including, borders, textures, colors, textures and font styles.

1. Choose | Border
The four types of borders available are single, double, bevel and single line bevel.

border designs for bronze plaques

2. Choose | Background Texture
The four types of background textures we offer are leather, pebble, stucco and smooth.

common types of bronze plaque background textures

3. Choose | Background Color
The common colors recommended for bronze.

a list if common bronze plaque background colors.

4. Choose | Font Style
All common Serif and Sans Serif fonts available.

Fonts are classified into two types, Serif and Sans Serif. Serif fonts such as Times New Roman have have small decorative flourishes on the end of the stones of the letters San Serif fonts do not. See Below

common fonts used on bronze plaques

5. Choose | Plaque Shape and Orientation
The most common types of plaque shapes for landscape and portrait layouts.


bronze plaque landscape layout shaped plaques


bronze plaque portrait shape layouts

6. Choose | Mounting
The four types of mounting hardware that we supply are studs, expansion sleeves, toggle bolts and wood screws.

how to mount a bronze plaques

Traditional Bronze Plaques

Gallery of Bronze Plaques and Recent Project Photos

Background Colors

No other signage can match the distinction and permanence of a traditional bronze plaque.
Whatever the occasion, a bronze plaque conveys an enduring sense of tradition and legacy.

Black Background
Traditional | 507
Dark Red Background
Traditional | 607
Dark Green Background
Traditional | 707
Dark Blue Background
Traditional | 207
Brown Background
Traditional | 307
Dark BrownBackground
Traditional | 407