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Order Bas Relief Plaques

Bronze bas relief plaques available in any shape and size. For this premium reproduction, sculptors create dimensional, sculpted reliefs of the subject.  Commonly used for portraits, buildings, seals and logos.

How Bas Relief Plaques are Made

We start with a subject.  In this case it was a logo.  Your logo is present to an artist who then sculpt a clay model of what the bas relief plaque will look like. A photo of the clay bas relief is sent to you for approval.  If any revisions are needed, the artist will make changes to the model.  Once approved the clay relief is used as a mold to cast the bronze relief plaque.

Portrait Bas Relief Plaques

To create portrait bas relief plaques, you would also send us a photo of the subject.  Please send the best photo you can so that the artist can recreate a clay relief and present it to you for approval.  We offer both single bas-relief portrait and double portrait.

create custom portrait bas relief plaques
bas relief plaques

Bas Relief Plaques for Building Dedications

Contact us today to create bronze bas relief plaques for building dedications and other events.  

create bronze bas relief plaques for building dedications.

Create and Order Bas Relief Plaques

Traditional bronze plaques available in any shape and size. Choose from a variety of popular options including, borders, textures, colors, textures and font styles.

1. Choose | Border
The four types of borders available are single, double, bevel and single line bevel.

border designs for bronze plaques

2. Choose | Background Texture
The four types of background textures we offer are leather, pebble, stucco and smooth.

common types of bronze plaque background textures

3. Choose | Background Color
The common colors recommended for bronze.

a list if common bronze plaque background colors.

4. Choose | Font Style
All common Serif and Sans Serif fonts available.

Fonts are classified into two types, Serif and Sans Serif. Serif fonts such as Times New Roman have have small decorative flourishes on the end of the stones of the letters San Serif fonts do not. See Below

common fonts used on bronze plaques

5. Choose | Plaque Shape and Orientation
The most common types of plaque shapes for landscape and portrait layouts.


bronze plaque landscape layout shaped plaques


bronze plaque portrait shape layouts

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