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Bronze Bas Relief Plaques for Building Dedications

Learn how bronze bas relief plaques are created for building dedications.  Below is an example of a five foot by 6 foot bronze bas relief plaque we delivered to the the United States Coast Guard.  The project required us to recreate a military logo into a large bas relief plaque.  The bronze plaque is now attached the side of the new building.

an installed bronze bas relief plaque


How Bas Relief Plaques Are Made

The customer emails us a photo or a logo that they would like us to recreate. The logo is given to the artists who then recreates a scale example in clay.  Photo if the clay scale bas relief plaque are present to the customer for approval.  Once approved, the clay relief is used to create the bronze bas relief plaque.

Below is a visual example of the process for creating bas relief plaques.

Step One | Send Us Your Logo

How to Create a Bas Relief Plaque

The graphic elements of the logo such as the eagle, book, shield and lighthouse all needed to be sculptured out of clay to create the bas relief model that was used to cast the bronze plaque.  The border and letters on the logo were cut and added to a large scale base model of the logo.

Step Two | The Artists Creates the Bas Relief out of Clay

How to Create a Bas Relief Plaque | Clay

The grey areas of this example are the clay relief created by the artist.  The wooden elements are machined and laid out to scale to create the model.

How to Create a Bas Relief Plaque | Clay


Step Three | Client Proof

Photos such as these are then presented to the client for approval.  The client reviews the photos to make sure everything is correct.  Once approved, the model will be used to create a impression into sand and them bronze will be added to create the bronze bas relief plaque.


How to Create a Bas Relief Plaque | Clay


Step Four | Packed for Delivery

The completed bronze bas relief plaque is packed and prepared for delivery.  Depending on the size, freight forwarding service is often recommended.  The completed solid bronze casted bas relief plaque could weight several hundred pounds.  For lighted weight plaques, learn more about engraved bronze plaques.

bronze bas relief plaques


Step Five | Finished Product

Below is a photo of the installed bas relief plaque that was used for the new building dedication ceremony.

an installed bronze bas relief plaque


Contact us today for more information on creating bronze bas relief plaques.  This example demonstrated how K Bronze was able to deliver a large five foot by six foot plaque to the United States Military.  We can create bas relief plaques in any size and have a trusted reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget.

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