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Engraved Bronze Plaques

Photograph Quality Engraved Bronze Plaques

We pride ourselves in producing engraved bronze plaques that replicate any photograph. High quality photos allow us to deliver the finest quality bronze plaques.  If you are not familiar with scanning photos, contact us and we will help.  If you understand basic graphic requirements we are looking for 300 dpi.  Scan and save your photos as  .TIF or .JPG and at least 300 dpi.


Here is a photo of the actual engraved bronze plaque at the day of the Park Dedication:

Engraved Bronze Plaques being unveiled at dedication event.

Arnold E. Holm

We received a call from Mr. Cavalieri and wanted to do a plaque for his best friend.  Arnie lost his life in the Vietnam War back in 1972. Yes, 1972! We knew this would be an interesting and touching bronze memorial project! Our customer explained over the telephone the accomplishments that Arnie achieved in the military and the great athlete that he was in his short lifetime.

We explained to him that we needed him to scan the photos and mail to us. We knew this would be a challenge due to the age of the photos.

After making several revisions; (no charge for revisions), the photos were awesome and the plaque and the dedication ceremony speaks for itself. Please click on the following links.

Our client was impressed by the many great examples of engraved bronze plaques that we have featured on our website.  Having a centralized online portfolio of engraved bronze plaques is essential for finding a centralized design theme for any dedication plaque.

Memorial Park Dedication Plaque Concept:

Engraved Bronze Plaques from the Holm Memorial Park Dedication

More Information On Our Engraved Bronze Plaques

We created a 24″ x 24″ engraved bronze plaque for this memorial park dedication.  Our design team created a photo collage using photos of Mr. Holm in addition, we added a background photo of the United States Flag.  This is a very common practice for many of our engraved bronze plaques.

Here is a link to a collection of engraved bronze plaques.

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