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Bronze Dedication Plaques

We offer traditional cast bronze plaques as well as bronze plaques with engraved photos. Below is a list of some of our most popular bronze plaques:

ArrowDedication Plaques
ArrowMilitary Memorial Plaques
ArrowCustom Dedication Plaques
ArrowStadium & University Plaques
ArrowStation of the Cross Plaques
ArrowLandscape and Architectural Plaques
ArrowBuilding Dedication Plaques
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ArrowBronze Plaques
ArrowCivic Memorial Plaques
ArrowThe Modern Bronze Plaque

Traditional Cast Bronze Plaques
Dark Arrow Bronze Sports and Olympic Dedication Plaques

Sports Dedication Plaques



Sports Dedication Plaques

Our company offers highly detailed engraved bronze and aluminum plaques.  Graphic designers will work with your photos to create remarkable looking plaques.

ArrowOlympic Dedication Plaques
ArrowBaseball Dedication Plaques
ArrowBasketball Dedication Plaques

Bronze Sports Dedication Plaques

Choosing a Bronze Plaque Shape

Bronze plaques can be created using any shape needed for the occasion, take the shape of the baseball diamond bronze plaque created for a stadium dedication. On this page you will see many examples of custom shapes. Plaque shapes can include circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, triangles, anything you can think of.  It does not even necessarily have to be geometric. For example you could make your plaque with the contour of a state.  If you have a unique idea, share it with our design team.


Thank you for the beautiful work that you and your company has created.
This means so much to use to be able to dedicate this building and utilize
your product for everyone to see. The raised photo came out fantastic with
every lining detail of his face and uniform. It looks true to his photo and
in real life. Once again thanks for your hard work. We will highly
recommend your company to others.

SFC Bustamante
Fort Belvoir, VA

Dark Arrow Bronze Military Memorial Collage Plaques
Bronze Military Memorial

Military Plaques

Military Medallions

High-resolution Engraving

We offer exceptional detail in all of our plaques.  In addition to adding photos and service medallions in the design of your plaque, consider using the United States flag as a background. 

Arrow Memorial Collage Plaques
Arrow War Memorial Dedication Plaques
Arrow Military Memorial Plaques
Arrow Solider Memorial Plaques
Arrow Military Dedication Plaques
Arrow Military Medallions
Arrow MilitaryBronze.com
Arrow Text Ideas for Your Plaque

Military War Memorials

Dark Arrow Custom Dedication Plaques
Bronze Oval Plaques

Custom Dedication Plaques

We offer plaques in any shape or size you require. 

Arrow Custom Dedication Plaques
Arrow Hospital Dedication Plaques
Arrow Custom Modern Plaques

Contemporary Design

Plaque Design

Traditiona lDesign

Plaque Design
Dark Arrow Stadium & University Plaques
Bronze Sports Plaques

Stadium & University Plaques

Color logos and photos can also be incorporated into your plaque.

Arrow Championship Dedication Plaques

Dark Arrow Station of the Cross Plaques
Stations of the cross plaques

Station of the Cross Plaques

Bronze Religious Plaques

We offer  a wide range of bronze plaques for all religions, including church dedication plaques and temple plaques; we even have a specialty line of "Stations of the Cross" plaques. 

Arrow Station of the Cross Plaques
Arrow StationsoftheCrossPlaques.com

Stations of the Cross

Dark Arrow Landscape and Architectural Plaques
Bronze Plaques with shapes

Traditional Cast Bronze Plaques

We offer solutions for both exterior and interior plaques.  Consider using cast bronze plaques when your needs require a plaque to be exposed to the outside elements.  Keep in mind that the aluminum plaques we offer can be created to look like bronze.

Arrow Cast Bronze Plaques
Arrow Building Identification Plaques
Arrow Landscape and Architectural Plaques
Arrow Memorial Bench Plaques


Dark Arrow Building Dedication Plaques
Civic Bronze Plaques

Building Dedication Plaques

In the event that you require rush service, our company offers 7 and 14 day rush services.  Plaques are produced in 2-6 weeks, depending on the type of process used.

Arrow Building Identification Plaques
Arrow University Building Dedication Plaques
Arrow Pavilion Dedication Plaques
Arrow Historic Dedication Plaques

Custom Dedication Plaques

Dark Arrow Bronze Plaques
Custom Bronze Plaques

Bronze Plaques

Here are a few bronze and aluminum plaque models to give you an idea of what our company is capable of.  If you have an idea for a plaque concept that you do not see on our site, share your thoughts with us.

ArrowBronze Plaques and Signs
ArrowBronze Hall of Fame Plaques
ArrowBronze Military Plaques
ArrowBronze Dedication Plaques
ArrowMemorial Lights

Bronze Building Identification Plaques

Dark Arrow Bronze Civic Memorial Plaques
Firestation Dedication Plaque

Civic Memorial Plaques

After you have contacted us and requested a price quote we will begin by creating a plaque layout or proof. Above is an example of the quality that you can anticipate from a design proof. Our art department creates renderings that closely resemble what can be expected in the final product.

ArrowFireman Memorial Plaques
ArrowFire District Plaques
ArrowFireman's Prayer Station Plaques
ArrowMemorial Park Dedication Plaques
ArrowBronze Police Station Plaques

Civic Memorial Plaques

Dark Arrow The Modern Bronze Plaque


Custom Building Dedication Plaques


The Modern Bronze Plaques

Give us a few of your ideas and we will take care of the rest. Our design manager will review your ideas and put you in contact with the right designer for your project. Be sure to consider using your logos and photos.

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Civic Memorial Plaques

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